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We can trust Brent Money to fight for our values.

If Texas values are hallmarked by the principles of faith, family, and service to others, Brent Money is Texan to the core. Brent will take an unwavering stand for those values in Austin.

Border Security

A nation without borders cannot survive.

America is and should be a welcoming Land of Opportunity, but as a nation, we must know who we’re giving those opportunities to and ensure that we are able to safely welcome them into our communities and neighborhoods. Instead, our broken border has given way to disheartening amounts of human trafficking. Each year, tens of thousands of pounds of fentanyl and other drugs are seized at our border, but even more make it through to our communities, our families, and our children. I am tired of our government continuously passing the buck on an issue that directly affects our safety and sovereignty. I will take action to do what Congress and Austin politicians have failed to do— secure our border with Mexico.

Election Integrity

Weak and corrupt elections create weak and corrupt governments.

It is our job to elect leaders who make a consistent effort to strengthen and reenforce the integrity of our election system. Two sessions ago, Texas passed groundbreaking legislation to promote fair and balanced elections, but we must be diligent. We must ensure that every legal vote is counted, and we must be able to prove that every illegal vote has been rejected.

Property Taxes

We should not have to rent our own property from the government.

Our property tax system is unjust and unjustly applied. As property taxes continue to increase each year, homeowners, businesses, and renters see their expenses increase without any end in sight. Every year when the legislature meets, they promise property tax relief. But we seldom see as much relief as is promised. As a Greenville City Councilman, lowering property taxes was a key priority of mine, and I’m proud to say I left our tax rate significantly lower than when I arrived. That’s what I want for every Texan. I’ll put my tax-lowering, business-building experience to work when I’m elected to the House, and I’ll make sure we don’t leave until the job gets done.

Right to Life

We should always protect the innocent.

Every citizen, whether born or unborn, has God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Texas, fueled by prayer and hard work, passed a bill in 2021 that made abortion a first-degree felony in Texas. Major battles have been won, but the war is not over. Many abortions are still occurring in Texas, but instead of happening in a Planned Parenthood operating room, they are happening in people’s homes with mail-order drugs. All forms of abortion must be eliminated. I also want to focus on funding local clinics that educate, empower, and support mothers struggling with unexpected or challenging pregnancies. Even after birth, the lives of children are precious and deserve protection and nurturing. As the father of children adopted through foster care, I am personally invested in this issue. We must continue the work that makes Texas the most pro-life state in the nation.

Second Amendment

Preserving the Second Amendment is crucial and cannot be compromised.

The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental, God-given right that protects all of our other God-given rights from government intrusion. As a card-carrying lifetime NRA member, I am fully invested in protecting the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. Texas has had some major wins to protect these freedoms, but we need to remain vigilant to guard against overreach of the federal government. Our news is filled with tragic stories of senseless violence, but the culprits are never law-abiding citizens or guns. The problem is a broken culture. I will fight to ensure that Texans retain their God-given rights to self-defense, collective security, and to act as a check and balance the power of the government. When elected, I plan to hold Austin politicians accountable to keeping the Second Amendment intact.

Parental Rights

Parents are their children's most important advocates.

Parents have a God-given right to determine the best way for their children to learn and grow. My wife and I have five children and each of them have very different strengths, struggles, and personalities. God gave them to us and entrusted us with their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional development. All Texas parents must be empowered to disciple their own children as they see fit.

The State of Texas doesn’t have the same calling or responsibilities as Texas parents. The State of Texas doesn’t know what’s best for your children. It tries to evaluate success with a stressful and expensive test. A test is simply not the best way to determine a student’s achievement or a school’s merit. What works is parents choosing what’s best for their own children, and that’s what I’ll fight for in Austin.


Public schools should teach reading, writing, and math.

All too often, they are failing at these fundamental tasks and instead focus valuable educational resources on indoctrinating children in ways that undermine parents and unravel the fabric of our society.

The government should not be teaching children about gender identity or sexual behaviors. The world is sexualized enough without promoting it in our schools. Families are the building blocks of society, and our government schools are too often eroding the family rather than bolstering it. Teachers need to be given the tools to teach core subjects and leave the parenting to parents.

DEI and CRT are nothing more than marxism with a fresh ad campaign, and they must be eradicated. God teaches that everything we have is a good and perfect gift from Him. Along with those good gifts, He gave us the authority to build families and businesses and communities and cultures and civilizations. On the other hand, the marxist god is a god of envy and jealousy. It teaches that everything that anyone has was acquired by theft or exploitation. Instead of building up, marxism tears down families and businesses and communities and cultures and civilizations. Texas needs to give marxism the boot.

Liberty & Justice for All

There is a reason thousands of people move to Texas every day.

We build businesses better than anyone in the nation. We protect personal freedoms and promote religious liberty, and we keep the Second Amendment strong. We need a relentless conservative in Austin who will keep the bright light of Texas shining in an ever-darkening nation. I will carry that torch and keep that light burning when I am elected as your District 2 Representative.

STOP Chinese Nationals from Buying Texas Land

Despite lies and attacks from my opponent, I stand firmly against the sale of Texas land to Chinese nationals and other foreign interests.

In fact, I worked on the bill to prevent the sale of Texas property to foreign interests as a member of the legislative committee for the Texas Land Title Association.

My opponent’s friends in the Texas House killed that bill. I remain steadfastly AGAINST the sale of property to Chinese, Russian, Iranian, and other similar persons and entities.

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